Full Color Fairy Bitch (FAIRY TAIL)

Full Color Fairy Bitch (FAIRY TAIL) primehentai


-by Haikawa Hemlen

-22 pages, English translated

-33.55 MB







I wanted to post this Fairy Tail hentai some time ago, but would always forget it. However, now I’m giving you something even better. A full color/uncensored version of this Fairy Tail hentai manga. Lucy Heartfilia gives everything she has to make her beloved guild win the mage tournament. I would say this is one of the best doujinshi in 2014! Also this is probably the only “dimension” where Lucy has bigger boobs than Erza!

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Chichikko Bitch (Fairy Tail) [Funi Funi Lab]

Free Hentai Manga, English Adult Porn Chichikko Bitch (Fairy Tail) [Funi Funi Lab]


-by Funi Funi Lab

-23 pages, English translated

-35.41 MB








Super hot blond chick with huge breasts gets raped by several guys, however after some time she starts to enjoy it way more then she should. What will break first, her pussy or those guys dicks? You will be surprised.

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